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Hossain S M K, Fu L, Oleson A. (2015). Evaluation of Alternative Bio-based Deicers for Optimal Winter Road Maintenance of Parking Lot and Sidewalk Pavements. Canadian Journal of Civil Engineering. 42(7): 437-448.


This paper presents the results of an extensive field study on the comparative performance of alternative organic materials for snow and ice control of parking lots and sidewalks. Approximately 300 tests were conducted in a real-world environment, covering four alternative materials, and 21 snow events.  Each of the alternatives is compared to regular rock salt in terms of snow melting performance – bare-pavement regain time.  The study confirmed the relative advantage of these alternatives over the regular salt, but also showed that their performance varied largely depending on some external conditions.  Performance models were calibrated and then used for developing application rate adjustment factors which can be applied by maintenance operations for determining the optimal application rates for specific weather events and pavement conditions.

Contributors: Hossain S M K, Fu L, Oleson A.

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