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Hossain S M K, Singhvi P, Ozer H, Al-Qadi, I. (2017). Pros and Cons of Advanced Technologies Used in Asphalt Binder Characterization. American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) International Conference on Highway Pavements and Airfield Technology. Philadelphia, PA, USA.


Asphalt binder contributes significantly to the cost and performance of asphalt pavements. To better understand asphalt binder’s characteristics and behavior, a number of test methods and equipment have been developed in the last few decades. In the recent years, asphalt research community has been using some of the advanced technologies to characterize and understand binder behavior. This document summarizes the principles of these technologies, their use, and their pros and cons.

Contributors: Hossain S M K, Singhvi P, Ozer H, Al-Qadi, I.

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