Research Interests

Pavement Performance & Sustainability

Design and development of performance-based asphalt mixture designs, and enhanced construction specifications using local, recycled, waste and regenerative materials through sustainable construction technologies such as warm mix asphalt, cold or hot in-place recycling systems.

Asphalt Characterization & Modeling

Mechanical, rheological and chemical characterizations of pavement materials using classical and advanced laboratory tests, both in micro and macro scales, and development of performance prediction models (Asphalt, aggregate, polymer, additive and asphalt mixture)

Pavement Mechanics

Mechanistic-based and finite element analyses for enhanced pavement design solutions under changing climates, new generation tire loadings and composite pavement environments

Nano Materials & Smart Pavements

Development of smart and sustainable pavements using innovative nano and polymeric materials which have multi-functional features including self-healing, phase-changing, energy-harvesting, and sensing-properties to minimize life cycle maintenance costs and to accommodate new generation connected and autonomous vehicles

Pavement Asset Management

Development of science based decision-making tools for optimizing pavement and municipal infrastructure investments (Pavement distress evaluation and condition data collection, ranking of aging infrastructure, life cycle analysis of alternatives, application development)

Highway Maintenance & Road Safety 

Development of smart summer maintenance and preservation technologies, and optimal winter maintenance solutions including self-deicing technologies while enhancing transportation sustainability and road safety