Advanced Road & Transportation Engineering Lab (ARTEL)

Abhirup Dasgupta

Master's Student

My name is Abhirup Dasgupta. Currently, I am doing my master degree at Memorial University. Previously, I completed my bachelor’s & another master’s in engineering from KIIT, India.

My research interest is intrigued by the application of nano-materials and nano-technologies, and I was fortunate to publish my works in nanomaterials.  During my studies in MUN, I was awarded prestigious Queen Elizabeth Diamond Jubilee scholarship.

My current project is focused to study about technologies that can contribute to developing a hydrophobic pavement, while the main goal is to reduce moisture-related damages including potholes in road pavements. In this process, I am exploring and researching on hydrophobic potential nano-materials and/or bio-inspired nano-technologies that can improve road performance. This research will determine a set of nanomaterials that are potential for pavement applications to enhance hydrophobicity and pavement durability.

List of Publications